Fangyang Hu
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Quantifying Crustal Thickness in Continental Collisional Belts: Global Perspective and a Geologic Application.
F Hu, MN Ducea, S Liu, JB Chapman
Scientific reports 7 (1), 7058, 2017
Chronology and tectonic implications of Neoproterozoic blocks in the south Qinling Orogenic Belt, Central China
F Hu, S Liu, M Santosh, Z Deng, W Wang, W Zhang, M Yan
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Petrogenesis of the Guangtoushan granitoid suite, central China: Implications for Early Mesozoic geodynamic evolution of the Qinling Orogenic Belt
Z Deng, S Liu, W Zhang, F Hu, Q Li
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Late Neoarchean monzogranitic–syenogranitic gneisses in the Eastern Hebei–Western Liaoning Province, North China Craton: petrogenesis and implications for tectonic setting
J Fu, S Liu, M Wang, X Chen, B Guo, F Hu
Precambrian Research 303, 392-413, 2017
A reworked∼ 3.45 Ga continental microblock of the North China Craton: constraints from zircon U-Pb-Lu-Hf isotopic systematics of the Archean Beitai-Waitoushan migmatite …
S Liu, M Wang, Y Wan, R Guo, W Wang, K Wang, B Guo, J Fu, F Hu
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A westward propagating slab tear model for Late Triassic Qinling Orogenic Belt geodynamic evolution: Insights from the petrogenesis of the Caoping and Shahewan intrusions …
F Hu, S Liu, W Zhang, Z Deng, X Chen
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Quantitatively Tracking the Elevation of the Tibetan Plateau since the Cretaceous: Insights from Whole‐rock Sr/Y and La/Yb Ratios
F Hu, F Wu, JB Chapman, MN Ducea, W Ji, S Liu
Geophysical Research Letters 47, e2020GL089202, 2020
Precambrian Hongqiyingzi Complex at the northern margin of the North China Craton: Its zircon U-Pb-Hf systematics, geochemistry and constraints on crustal evolution
S Liu, J Fu, YJ Lu, X Chen, M Wang, F Hu, L Gao, G Sun, Y Hu
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The geochemical evolution of the granitoid rocks in the South Qinling Belt: Insights from the Dongjiangkou and Zhashui intrusions, central China
F Hu, S Liu, MN Ducea, W Zhang, Z Deng
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Petrogenesis of late Neoarchean high-K granitoids in the Western Shandong terrane, North China Craton, and their implications for crust-mantle interactions
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Precambrian geodynamics (Ⅶ): Formation and evolution of early continental crust.
LIU Shu-Wen, W Wei, BAI Xiang
Earth Science Frontiers 22 (6), 97, 2015
Neoarchean crust-mantle interactions in the Yishui Terrane, south-eastern margin of the North China Craton: constraints from geochemistry and zircon U-Pb-Hf isotopes of …
L Gao, S Liu, G Sun, Y Hu, R Guo, J Fu, M Wang, F Hu
Gondwana Research 65, 97-124, 2019
Lithological Assemblages of Archean Meta-Igneous Rocks in Eastern Hebei-Western Liaoning Provinces of North China Craton, and Their Geodynamic Implications
S Liu, W Wang, X Bai, R Guo, J Fu, B Guo, F Hu, M Wang
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Neoarchean sanukitoids and associated rocks from the Tengzhou-Pingyi intrusive complex, North China Craton: Insights into petrogenesis and crust-mantle interactions
G Sun, S Liu, L Gao, Y Hu, R Guo, J Fu, M Wang, C Ma, F Hu
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Geochemistry and zircon U-Pb chronology of Shuangshanzi Group in the eastern Hebei province, North China Craton: constraints on petrogenesis and tectonic setting
RR Guo, SW Liu, X Bai, LF Zhang, W Wang, FY Hu, M Yan
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Neoarchean magmatic arc in the Western Liaoning Province, northern North China Craton: Geochemical and isotopic constraints from sanukitoids and associated granitoids
J Fu, S Liu, PA Cawood, M Wang, F Hu, G Sun, L Gao, Y Hu
Lithos 322, 296-311, 2018
Interaction among magmas from various sources and crustal melting processes during continental collision: Insights from the Huayang intrusive complex of the South Qinling Belt …
F Hu, S Liu, MN Ducea, W Zhang, JB Chapman, J Fu, M Wang
Journal of Petrology 59 (4), 735-770, 2018
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G Sun, S Liu, PA Cawood, M Tang, J van Hunen, L Gao, Y Hu, F Hu
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Early Mesozoic magmatism and tectonic evolution of the Qinling Orogen: Implications for oblique continental collision
F Hu, S Liu, MN Ducea, JB Chapman, F Wu, T Kusky
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Origin of the Triassic Lincang granites in the southeastern Tibetan Plateau: Crystallization from crystal mush
F Cong, FY Wu, WC Li, CL Mou, XM Huang, BD Wang, FY Hu, ZM Peng
Lithos 360, 105452, 2020
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