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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Blackwell companion to syntax
M Everaert, HC Van Riemsdijk
John Wiley & Sons, 2008
Inalienable possession
J Guéron, M Everaert, H van Riemsdijk, R Goedemans, B Hollebrandse
The acquisition of sequence of tense.
B Hollebrandse
The concept of DO-insertion and the theory of INFL in acquisition
B Hollebrandse, T Roeper
Proceedings of the Groningen Assembly on Language Acquisition, ed. by …, 1996
On acquiring the structural representations for false complements
JG de Villiers
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T.: Second order embedding and second order false belief
B Hollebrandse, K Hobbs, J De
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N Katsos, C Cummins, MJ Ezeizabarrena, A Gavarró, JK Kraljević, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (33), 9244-9249, 2016
Children’s first and second-order false-belief reasoning in a verbal and a low-verbal task
B Hollebrandse, A van Hout, P Hendriks
Synthese 191 (3), 321-333, 2014
Indicators of theory of mind in narrative production: a comparison between individuals with genetic syndromes and typically developing children
ML Lorusso, R Galli, L Libera, C Gagliardi, R Borgatti, B Hollebrandse
Clinical linguistics & phonetics 21 (1), 37-53, 2007
Introduction: The pragmatics-syntax and the semantics-syntax interface in acquisition1
P Bos, B Hollebrandse, P Sleeman
IRAL, International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching 42 (2 …, 2004
Children's eye gaze reveals their use of discourse context in object pronoun resolution
J van Rij, B Hollebrandse, P Hendriks
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On the acquisition of the aspects in Italian
A van Hout, B Hollebrandse
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Recursive complements and propositional attitudes
J de Villiers, K Hobbs, B Hollebrandse
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Dutch light verb constructions
B Hollebrandse
Unpublished MA thesis. Tilburg University, 1993
Recursion and propositional exclusivity
B Hollebrandse, T Roeper
The Linguistic Review, 2007
The Blackwell companion to syntax
R Bhatt, R Pancheva, M Everaert, H Van Riemsdijk, R Goedemans, ...
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Topichood and quantification in L1 Dutch
B Hollebrandse
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Empirical results and formal approaches to recursion in acquisition
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Light verb learning in Dutch
B Hollebrandse, A van Hout
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The acquisition of quantification across languages: Some predictions
N Katsos, MJ Ezeizabarrena, A Gavarro, JK Kraljevic, G Hrzica, ...
Cascadilla Press, 2012
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