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Heteroaryl azo dyes as molecular photoswitches
S Crespi, NA Simeth, B König
Nature Reviews Chemistry 3 (3), 133-146, 2019
Molecular photoswitches in aqueous environments
J Volarić, W Szymanski, NA Simeth, BL Feringa
Chemical Society Reviews 50 (22), 12377-12449, 2021
Tuning the thermal isomerization of phenylazoindole photoswitches from days to nanoseconds
NA Simeth, S Crespi, M Fagnoni, B König
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (8), 2940-2946, 2018
General Principles for the Design of Visible‐Light‐Responsive Photoswitches: Tetra‐ortho‐Chloro‐Azobenzenes
LN Lameijer, S Budzak, NA Simeth, MJ Hansen, BL Feringa, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59 (48), 21663-21670, 2020
Directing coupled motion with light: a key step toward machine-like function
R Costil, M Holzheimer, S Crespi, NA Simeth, BL Feringa
Chemical reviews 121 (21), 13213-13237, 2021
Unraveling the thermal isomerization mechanisms of heteroaryl azoswitches: phenylazoindoles as case study
S Crespi, NA Simeth, A Bellisario, M Fagnoni, B König
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 123 (9), 1814-1823, 2019
Light regulation of enzyme allostery through photo-responsive unnatural amino acids
AC Kneuttinger, K Straub, P Bittner, NA Simeth, A Bruckmann, F Busch, ...
Cell chemical biology 26 (11), 1501-1514. e9, 2019
Photochromic coenzyme Q derivatives: switching redox potentials with light
NA Simeth, AC Kneuttinger, R Sterner, B König
Chemical Science 8 (9), 6474-6483, 2017
Substituent effects on 3-arylazoindole photoswitches
NA Simeth, A Bellisario, S Crespi, M Fagnoni, B König
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 84 (11), 6565-6575, 2019
On the use of diarylmaleimide derivatives in biological contexts: An investigation of the photochromic properties in aqueous solution
C Fleming, P Remón, S Li, NA Simeth, B König, M Grøtli, J Andréasson
Dyes and Pigments 137, 410-420, 2017
Ultrafast Photoclick Reaction for Selective 18F-Positron Emission Tomography Tracer Synthesis in Flow
Y Fu, H Helbert, NA Simeth, S Crespi, GB Spoelstra, JM van Dijl, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (27), 10041-10047, 2021
Phenylimino Indolinone: A Green‐Light‐Responsive T‐Type Photoswitch Exhibiting Negative Photochromism
S Crespi, NA Simeth, M Di Donato, S Doria, CN Stindt, MF Hilbers, ...
Angewandte Chemie 133 (48), 25494-25499, 2021
Photochromic indolyl fulgimides as chromo-pharmacophores targeting sirtuins
NA Simeth, LM Altmann, N Wössner, E Bauer, M Jung, B König
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 83 (15), 7919-7927, 2018
Rational design of a photoswitchable DNA glue enabling high regulatory function and supramolecular chirality transfer
NA Simeth, S Kobayashi, P Kobauri, S Crespi, W Szymanski, K Nakatani, ...
Chemical Science 12 (26), 9207-9220, 2021
Artificial light regulation of an allosteric bienzyme complex by a photosensitive ligand
AC Kneuttinger, M Winter, NA Simeth, K Heyn, R Merkl, B König, ...
ChemBioChem 19 (16), 1750-1757, 2018
Comparative Study of Photoswitchable Zinc‐Finger Domain and AT‐Hook Motif for Light‐Controlled Peptide–DNA Binding
GM Murawska, C Poloni, NA Simeth, W Szymanski, BL Feringa
Chemistry–A European Journal 25 (19), 4965-4973, 2019
Significance of the protein interface configuration for allostery in imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase
AC Kneuttinger, C Rajendran, NA Simeth, A Bruckmann, B König, ...
Biochemistry 59 (29), 2729-2742, 2020
Towards photochromic azobenzene‐based inhibitors for tryptophan synthase
NA Simeth, T Kinateder, C Rajendran, J Nazet, R Merkl, R Sterner, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 27 (7), 2439-2451, 2021
NTS2-selective neurotensin mimetics with tetrahydrofuran amino acids
NA Simeth, M Bause, M Dobmeier, RC Kling, D Lachmann, H Hübner, ...
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 25 (1), 350-359, 2017
Predicting the substituent effects in the optical and electrochemical properties of N,N′-substituted isoindigos
FL Kiss, BP Corbet, NA Simeth, BL Feringa, S Crespi
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 20, 927-938, 2021
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