Franz E. López-Suarez
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High-loading cobalt oxide coupled with nitrogen-doped graphene for oxygen reduction in anion-exchange-membrane alkaline fuel cells
Q He, Q Li, S Khene, X Ren, FE López-Suárez, D Lozano-Castelló, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (17), 8697-8707, 2013
Cu/Al2O3 catalysts for soot oxidation: Copper loading effect
FE López-Suárez, A Bueno-López, MJ Illán-Gómez
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 84 (3-4), 651-658, 2008
Effect of potassium addition on catalytic activity of SrTiO3 catalyst for diesel soot combustion
B Ura, J Trawczyński, A Kotarba, W Bieniasz, MJ Illán-Gómez, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 101 (3-4), 169-175, 2011
Preparation, characterisation and catalytic performance for soot oxidation of copper-containing ZnAl2O4 spinels
M Zawadzki, W Staszak, FE López-Suárez, MJ Illán-Gómez, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 371 (1-2), 92-98, 2009
Role of surface and lattice copper species in copper-containing (Mg/Sr) TiO3 perovskite catalysts for soot combustion
FE López-Suárez, S Parres-Esclapez, A Bueno-López, MJ Illán-Gómez, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 93 (1-2), 82-89, 2009
New insights into the performance of ceria–zirconia mixed oxides as soot combustion catalysts. Identification of the role of “active oxygen” production
I Atribak, FE López-Suárez, A Bueno-López, A García-García
Catalysis today 176 (1), 404-408, 2011
NOx storage and reduction on a SrTiCuO3 perovskite catalyst studied by operando DRIFTS
FE López-Suárez, MJ Illán-Gómez, A Bueno-López, JA Anderson
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 104 (3-4), 261-267, 2011
Wood residue (Pinus patula bark) as an alternative feedstock for producing ethanol and furfural in Colombia: experimental, techno-economic and environmental …
J Moncada, CA Cardona, JC Higuita, JJ Vélez, FE López-Suarez
Chemical Engineering Science 140, 309-318, 2016
CoAl2O4 spinel catalyst for soot combustion with NOx/O2
M Zawadzki, W Walerczyk, FE López-Suárez, MJ Illán-Gómez, ...
Catalysis Communications 12 (13), 1238-1241, 2011
Copper catalysts for soot oxidation: Alumina versus perovskite supports
FE López-Suárez, A Bueno-López, MJ Illán-Gómez, A Adamski, B Ura, ...
Environmental science & technology 42 (20), 7670-7675, 2008
Potassium-copper perovskite catalysts for mild temperature diesel soot combustion
FE López-Suárez, A Bueno-López, MJ Illán-Gómez, J Trawczynski
Applied Catalysis A: General 485, 214-221, 2014
Platinum–tin/carbon catalysts for ethanol oxidation: Influence of Sn content on the electroactivity and structural characteristics
FE López-Suárez, CT Carvalho-Filho, A Bueno-López, J Arboleda, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 40 (37), 12674-12686, 2015
Pt–Sn/C catalysts prepared by sodium borohydride reduction for alcohol oxidation in fuel cells: Effect of the precursor addition order
FE López-Suárez, A Bueno-López, KIB Eguiluz, GR Salazar-Banda
Journal of Power Sources 268, 225-232, 2014
Synthesis and characterization of highly active Pbx@Pty/C core-shell nanoparticles toward glycerol electrooxidation
LSR Silva, FE López-Suárez, M Perez-Cadenas, SF Santos, LP da Costa, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 198, 38-48, 2016
BaTi1− xCuxO3 perovskites: The effect of copper content in the properties and in the NOx storage capacity
V Albaladejo-Fuentes, FE Lopez-Suarez, MS Sánchez-Adsuar, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 488, 189-199, 2014
Potassium stability in soot combustion perovskite catalysts
FE López-Suárez, A Bueno-López, MJ Illán-Gómez, B Ura, J Trawczynski
Topics in catalysis 52 (13), 2097-2100, 2009
Sn@ Pt and Rh@ Pt core–shell nanoparticles synthesis for glycerol oxidation
M Pupo, FE López-Suárez, A Bueno-López, CT Meneses, KIB Eguiluz, ...
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 45 (2), 139-150, 2015
Rh–Sr/Al2O3 catalyst for N2O decomposition in the presence of O2
S Parres-Esclapez, FE López-Suárez, A Bueno-López, MJ Illán-Gómez, ...
Topics in Catalysis 52 (13), 1832-1836, 2009
Alumina-Supported Manganese Catalysts for Soot Combustion Prepared by Thermal Decomposition of KMnO4
ME Becerra, NP Arias, OH Giraldo, FE López-Suárez, MJ Illán-Gómez, ...
Catalysts 2 (3), 352-367, 2012
Tailoring the properties of BaTi0. 8Cu0. 2O3 catalyst selecting the synthesis method
V Albaladejo-Fuentes, FE López-Suárez, MS Sánchez-Adsuar, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 519, 7-15, 2016
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