Expression of active tectonics in erosional landscapes

E Kirby, KX Whipple - Journal of Structural Geology, 2012 - Elsevier
Understanding the manner and degree to which topography in active mountain ranges
reflects deformation of the Earth's surface remains a first order goal of tectonic
geomorphology. A substantial body of research in the past decade demonstrates that …

Crustal–lithospheric structure and continental extrusion of Tibet

MP Searle, JR Elliott, RJ Phillips… - Journal of the …, 2011 -
Crustal shortening and thickening to c. 70–85 km in the Tibetan Plateau occurred both
before and mainly after the c. 50 Ma India–Asia collision. Potassic–ultrapotassic shoshonitic
and adakitic lavas erupted across the Qiangtang (c. 50–29 Ma) and Lhasa blocks (c. 30–10 …

Transformation of displacement between strike-slip and crustal shortening in the northern margin of the Tibetan Plateau: Evidence from decadal GPS measurements …

W Zheng, P Zhang, W He, D Yuan, Y Shao, D Zheng… - Tectonophysics, 2013 - Elsevier
Abstract Studies of Late Quaternary geological slip-rates and the GPS decadal slip-rates
along the major strike-slip faults in the northern margin of the Tibetan Plateau show that slip-
rates remain relatively constant along the middle sections of each fault and decrease rapidly …

Low Quaternary slip rate reconciles geodetic and geologic rates along the Altyn Tagh fault, northwestern Tibet

E Cowgill, RD Gold, C Xuanhua, W Xiao-Feng… - …, 2009 -
For more than two decades the slip rate along the active, left-slip Altyn Tagh fault of
northwestern Tibet has been disputed, with millennial rates reported to be as much as three
times faster than those determined geodetically. This problem is significant because the total …

High‐Resolution Topography‐Derived Offsets along the 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake Rupture Trace, San Andreas FaultHigh‐Resolution Topography‐Derived Offsets …

O Zielke, JR Arrowsmith… - Bulletin of the …, 2012 -
Abstract The great Fort Tejon earthquake of 1857, with an∼ 350‐km‐long surface rupture,
was the most recent major earthquake along the south‐central San Andreas fault (SAF).
Prior reconstruction of its surface‐slip distribution and reconstruction of preceding …

Faulted terrace risers place new constraints on the late Quaternary slip rate for the central Altyn Tagh fault, northwest Tibet

RD Gold, E Cowgill, JR Arrowsmith, X Chen… - …, 2011 -
The active, left-lateral Altyn Tagh fault defines the northwestern margin of the Tibetan
Plateau in western China. To clarify late Quaternary temporal and spatial variations in slip
rate along the central portion of this fault system (85°–90° E), we have more than doubled …

Late Quaternary right-lateral slip rates of faults adjacent to the lake Qinghai, northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau

DY Yuan, JD Champagnac, WP Ge, P Molnar… - …, 2011 -
By combining terrace riser offsets with terrace ages dated by 14C, optically stimulated
luminescence (OSL), and 10Be techniques, we determine average slip rates of 1.1±0.3
mm/yr and 1.2±0.4 mm/yr for the Elashan and Riyueshan faults, two north-northwest …

Active faulting, mountain growth, and erosion at the margins of the Tibetan Plateau constrained by in situ-produced cosmogenic nuclides

R Hetzel - Tectonophysics, 2013 - Elsevier
Abstract The India–Asia collision zone is a key area for understanding continental plateau
formation and mountain building. Two fundamental questions in this context are how the
northeastward motion of India is partitioned between strike–slip and thrust faults and how …

[HTML][HTML] Late Quaternary slip rates of the thrust faults in western Hexi Corridor (Northern Qilian Shan, China) and their implications for northeastward growth of the …

Z Wen-Jun, Z Hui-Ping, Z Pei-Zhen, P Molnar… - …, 2013 -
We determined vertical components of slip rates of 0.22±0.03 mm a− 1 for the Jiayuguan
fault and 0.11±0.03 mm a− 1 for the Jintanan Shan fault, which lie along the northeastern
edge of the Tibetan Plateau and in the western Hexi Corridor (Northern Qilian Shan, China) …

[HTML][HTML] LaDiCaoz and LiDARimager—MATLAB GUIs for LiDAR data handling and lateral displacement measurement

O Zielke, JR Arrowsmith - Geosphere, 2012 -
Light detection and ranging (LiDAR), high-resolution topographic data sets enable remote
identification of submeter-scale geomorphic features and have proven very valuable in
geologic, paleoseismic, and geomorphologic investigations. They are also useful for studies …